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Our website was last updated on: 24 May 2017
Ceramics, Silver and Silver Plate
Claret Jugs, Decanters and Glasses, Hip Flasks, Corkscrews
Compacts - Vintage, Perfumes
Costume Jewellery - Earrings
Costume Jewellery - Necklace and Earring Sets
Costume Jewellery - Necklaces and Crosses
Handbags / Vanity Cases, Purses, Mirrors and Magnifyers
Inkwells, Travelling Inks, Yatate, Blotters, Pen Boxes and Stationery Boxes
Lamps, Candlesticks and Candelabra, Bookends
Militaria, Medals, Compasses, Watch Stands and Tools
Paper Knives, Letter Openers, Letter Racks, Desk Calendars, Stamp Boxes and Seals
Parian, Bronzes, Figures, Glass
Pen Racks, Pen Wipes, Quill Cutters, Quill Knives / Erasers, Paper Clips and Paperweights
Pencils and Dip Pens, Nibs and Packaging
Pens, Fountain - Vintage
Pounce Pots, Sanders, Parchment Runners
Sewing items, Linen
Snuff Boxes, Pill Boxes, Card Cases, Boxes, Caskets
Vestas, Cigar Cutters/Piercers, Toothpicks, Coin Holders and Bookmarks
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Sellingantiques.co.uk are the designers of the Arian Antiques website.

You can visit Sellingantiques.co.uk here at www.sellingantiques.co.uk

Sellingantiques.co.uk provide websites to antique dealers. Sellingantiques.co.uk also brings together antique dealers and customers onto one central antiques website.

Sellingantiques.co.uk was established in February 2002 and started with just a handful of antiques dealers.

It has now built up a large and very active community of dealers and continues to expand on a weekly basis.

Buyers can choose from 100's of categories of stock.

The main categories for visitors to view are as follows:

- Antiques
- Antique Art
- Antique Beds
- Antique Clocks
- Antique Furniture
- Antique Chairs
- Antique Tables

Sellingantiques.co.uk would be happy to talk to you about supplying a website for your antiques business.

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